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Our Epoxy Garage Floor Installation Process:

Starting with your online quote request, or initial phone call with us, you’ll appreciate our responsiveness, attention to detail, and the knowledge we have when it comes to successfully installing garage floor coatings here in the Twin Cities. This page describes our garage floor coating installation process as well as answers many of the questions we receive. 

Step 1: Onsite Appointment

The first step in our concrete coating process is to come out to your home, inspect your concrete and go over color samples with you. At this point, we’ll provide you with the cost to turn your garage floor into a thing of service and beauty. Of course this is a great time to ask any questions you may have about our garage floor coating system, and what do expect during the process. 

Step 2: Clear Out Your Garage

Prior to preparing your concrete or applying epoxy to your garage floor, you’ll need to have your garage floor completely exposed for us. This means we’ll need anything that sits on your garage floor to be removed prior to our installation appointment. 

Step 3: Diamond Grind and Repair Concrete

An important first step with any successful garage floor coating, is professional surface preparation. It is during this step that we ensure the concrete and epoxy are able to bond properly to give you a durable, long-lasting floor covering in your garage. We use a mechanical abrasion process during this step. Any crack or holes in your concrete will be filled with an epoxy patching material. 

Step 4: Install Epoxy Basecoat

Here we’ll apply Diamond Shield™ Base Coat, which is a patented two component hybrid system that seals your concrete & enhances the bonding to concrete

Step 5: Broadcast Flakes

Epoxy flooring flakes not only look great, but they also serve the purpose of increasing the durability of your new concrete floor covering. The flakes you see in epoxy coated garage floors are made from acrylic paint chips. In technical terms, we cover the epoxy base layer to rejection with broadcast flakes. 

Unlike many of our competitors, this means when we’re done, the flakes will be 100% broadcasted over your garage floor. What many companies do, is what’s called a “random flake” floor, leaving some of the epoxy floor uncovered. 

Because we’re after the most durable, long-lasting garage floor coating in the market we simply do not cut any corners here at Great Garage Floors.

Step 6: Polyaspartic Urethane Top Coat

This is the most expensive part of the garage floor coating system and one we don’t make sacrifices with. The top coat is the wear coat on your floor. Like you, we want your garage floor coating to be as durable as possible, which is why our garage floor coating system includes a polyaspartic urethane top coat. 

Our polyaspartic urethane top coat has the qualities you’d want in a long-lasting garage floor and is also UV resistant, protecting your garage floor from ambering (yellowing). 

The one-day garage floor coating companies using polyurea are putting down your top coat 3-5 mils (in thickness) at a time. What we do instead, is put down a superior top coat with a single 14-15 mil thick application. 

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The End Result?

When you choose a garage floor from Great Garage Floors, you’ll have the most durable, time-tested, proven garage floor available from anyone in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. Our resinous flooring system includes epoxy (because it has the best adhesion to concrete), 100% flakes, and the best polyurea/polyaspartic urethane top coat available for purchase. 

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