It’a not “if” but “when“. Concrete inevitably fails. Yes, this affects concrete floor coatings. You want the right garage floor coating company when that happens.

We Take Garage Floor Repairs Seriously!!

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is garage floor repairs. Our installers are all about getting a Great Garage Floor installed for you and seeing that happy smile when they are done. 

When we’re done coating concrete garage floors, they look fantastic. In a perfect world, your beautiful newly coated garage floor will look that way forever. But, concrete, contrary to popular belief, is not permanent. And failures of concrete affect the coating system applied to the concrete… matter which garage floor coating you choose.  Cracks in your concrete floor mean garage floor repairs are needed to remedy.  


What Causes Concrete Garage Floors to Crack?

Concrete cracks occur as the result of pressure coming from sub structure movement. Substructure movement occurs due to the freeze/thaw cycles we have in Minnesota’s cold winters. In our experience, repair circumstances happen to approximately 2% of the floors that are installed. 

Concrete also suffers from divots, or concrete blow outs, that occur when water, which is always a part of concrete, saturates shale or other porous aggregate (think limestone), then freezes, expands and applies pressure on the concrete and “blows” out a piece of concrete. It can and does happen underneath a correctly applied coating system and shows up as a “raised” bubble in the coating surface. 


How Do You Repair Garage Floors?

We resolve the coating systems by going through the process of application again. That is to say, we must resolve the concrete issue (crack, “blow out” or delamination) by repairing the concrete, then re- applying the coating system appropriately. 

To do the job correctly requires two visits to your home. We apply the base coat and the color flakes and let the material cure. We then return (second visit) to remove the excess flakes and apply the topcoat to the patch area. 

The patch area will look new and glossy and will take some time to blend with the rest of the floor.

Case Study

See the Difference: Check out the Before and After photos that illustrate our multi-step process when tackling garage floor repairs. One of our great strengths is not just the quality of our garage floor coatings, but the service we provide after the fact. Have a garage floor that is in need of repair? We can  fix delamination and bring your garage floor back to life.

Delamination (Before)

Delamination occurs when the coatings or layers applied to the surface begin to peel, chip, or detach from the underlying concrete substrate, leading to an uneven and unsightly appearance.


When faced with delamination, our expert approach begins with precision grinding, meticulously smoothing the affected area to create the ideal foundation for a long-lasting solution for your garage floor.

Apply Flakes

Following the grinding process, we apply a layer of decorative flakes to the treated area, matching the style/color of your existing garage floor coating, while seamlessly covering the remnants of delamination


During the top coat application, our skilled technicians expertly apply a durable and high-performance protective layer to your garage floor. The end result is you'll now have a garage floor that looks great again!


Garage Floor Repair Testimonials

Once in a while, you come across a contractor, who has it all: great customer service, great communication, stands behind their work. Is no nonsense, and a great product. Ron at great garage floors is that person. They did our garage for over five years ago and it looked beautiful and I loved it every time I took the garbage out barefoot. This year a few spots showed up that needed repair and I remembered his warranty. I called him up and he came right out no questions asked and fixed it to new condition.
Brian Schmidt
“Our garage looks great. Thank you so much for the prompt turnaround time. Your crew was courteous and ensured the site was cleaned up. Great job!”
Laura C
Edina, MN
“Thanks Guys! You solved my problem floor and now I always want to keep it very clean. Great work!”
Tom G
Deephaven, MN

Our Promise

We only work with the best materials available and provide a 10 year adhesion guarantee on our garage floor coating projects. We never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. We strive for honest customer service.

We've Done This a Long Time

When it comes to delivering successful garage floor coating projects, experience matters. From the very first moment you meet with us, we think you’ll see that we’re different from other Minneapolis garage floor coating providers. We always put the customer first and it shows in the work that we do. Our installers have been with us for many years and they take pride in their work. We know you’ll appreciate the professionalism we bring to your home, and the results that come from our experience as the Twin Cities leading garage floor coating experts.

We'll Be Here To Support You

Garage floor coatings is all we do….and we do it very well. We’re well established here in the Twin Cities, and you can take comfort knowing that we will be here to support you not just today, but in the future. Whether you need service on your garage floor coating, or want us to coat additional surfaces, we’ll be here for you when you need us.

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